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The District Toolbox was created out of necessity to help you stay organized, communicate well, and prepare for everything a District Office needs for District Assembly preparation, every-day administrative tasks, and more!

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Custom App Solution

Getting information into the hands of your pastors and delegates in time for your Assembly is made simple with this automated app solution available on Apple and Android devices. Don't worry, it's everything you can hope for!

Dynamic Web Portal

Managing all the data, spreadsheets, and contacts can be a bear. Our integrated website portal allows for easy collection, management, and delivery of everything you need to make the transition to an app and online.

Administrator's Dream

The toolbox makes keeping contacts and statistics up to date a breeze! Say goodbye to spreadsheets, tracking down emails, and formating documents. Our administrative tools allow for connecting all the essentials directly into your app without lifting a finger.

I really love it. I have been doing this for 17 years and it is BY FAR the best tool to make tiche job easier for district offices and district secretaries!!!!

Keith Metcalf, Oklahoma District

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District Camp Toolbox

With everything you need to help administrate and run a smooth camp, you can focus on the things that are important to you and leave the set-up to us!

Unlimited Graphic Design

A new, ground-breaking offer to benefit your district churches. This package features unlimited graphic design requests with a dedicated designer ready to give the best, greatest, and latest design at an affordable cost.

The Mobile App

Easily customize your district app

Our app solution allows for customization for your districts needs
while automating all the time-consuming tasks. 

  • User Friendly App-Builder & Dashboard 
  • Automated pages tied with your District Toolbox Platform
  • Dynamic Voting with Ballots & Biographies generated for you
  • Released on the Apple Store and Google Play
  • Centralized App ready to go or release your own branded app
  • Content Updates in Real-time for easy pivots and results
  • Event Check-in system built into the app


District Toolbox Platform

To manage all your district's information, you will have a custom built portal that allows you
to easily update and submit info that integrates with your app and website.

Powerful Forms

Build custom forms that automatically manage all the data you need

Pastor Dashboard

Allow your churches to track their own progress, reporting, and information

Contact & Statistic Management

We help keep track of everything and automatically keep all your data up to date.

Ministerial Studies

Get organized and completely online from annual forms to the student records.

Our clients

Trusted by 45+ districts

Created by a Nazarene pastor, for the Nazarene districts. This is a tailored solution designed for your exact needs all year long.

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Handbook & App

Transform your Assembly prep

Save time, energy, and money by going paperless this Assembly!


We help collect, format, and translate all your reports to make them legible, understandable, and appealing.

PDF & Digital Versions

We generate a PDF version of your handbook for you as well as automatically embed all your reports into the mobile app.


Each report is automatically translated into the users preferred language. You can upload custom translations or utilize the machine-generated versions.

Online Voting

More Voting,

less counting.

Create a custom ballot with questions, candidates, and candidate bios & pics that integrate in real-time into the app. Once your voting is done, simply close a ballot and view the results!

Tailored Access

Your users can be validated by a single access code or a unique Voter ID issued through our app check-in process.

Easily Pivot

Need to quickly make a run-off ballot or add a candidate? Our system helps save hours of work with a click of a button.

Forms & Reporting

Never loose track of where you are

The District Toolbox helps you easily track what churches have reported,  who is in progress, and what needs to be done. 

  • Export all responses into a PDF or Excel file
  • Send out reporting reminders
  • Track Progress
  • Edit and view submitted data quickly & easily

Ministerial Studies

Focus on your students not their records

Our Ministerial Studies tracking system creates a digital folder of everything you need to track their progress from local license to retirement. You can easily see what has been submitted for the current year, add completed classes, generate reports, transfer to other Districts and more!



No additional costs. Pay for what you use

Centralized App

$ 1,695

Annual Cost + One-time $999 Activation Fee

  • Contacts & Statistics Manager
  • Form Manager
  • App & Handbook Manager
  • Voting Manager
  • Ministerial Studies Manager
  • Event Check-in System
  • Access to "My District App"
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Support Portal

Branded App

$ 1,995

Annual Cost + One-time $999 Activation Fee

  • Contacts & Statistics Manager
  • Form Manager
  • App & Handbook Manager
  • Voting Manager
  • Ministerial Studies Manager
  • Event Check-in System
  • Branded App for your District
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Support Portal

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