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Finding the best, cutting-edge for your church can be difficult not to mention time-consuming. Hiring freelancers or a dedicated graphic artist can be difficult, expensive, and frustrating. We are here to help be the perfect solution for all your church, graphic needs.

A new, ground-breaking offer to benefit your district churches. This package features unlimited graphic design requests with a dedicated designer ready to give the best, greatest, and latest design at an affordable cost. This package generally runs $399/month and we are offering it for our clients at an introductory rate of $250/month. Churches can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually with discounts accordingly. No contract required!

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No contract required. Cancel anytime.

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Step One

Tell us what you want designed

Step Two

Your Designer takes it from there

Step Three

We deliver your design

Simply fill out our online form with your latest graphic request including what it's for, where you will use it, and what your hopes and dreams are. We will take it from there!

Once your dedicated designer has put something together, you will receive an email with your design. From there, you can submit revisions until your design is to your liking. That simple!

YES! We know it sounds too good to be true. But you truly have as many design requests as you want each month you subscribe. Your dedicated designer can only work so quick, but we do all we can to turn around designs in a few days. Your designs will be processed in the order they have been received, giving priority to any revisions in your queue.

We strive to get designs to you within 3-4 days; however, most designs are processed in less time. In the event a surpluss of designs are waiting on our production, we have awaiting designers to assist your dedicated designer to ensure everything is processed in a timely manner.

If you can think of it, we can pretty much do it. Typical designs include sermon graphics, social media posts and banners, backgrounds for powerpoints, brochures, postcards and mailers, online ads, bulletins, and more! You just let us know how it will be used, what kind of file you need, and we will make it happen.

We work closely with you to ensure our designer's style matches your needs. From a branding perspecive, we want your designs to be a perfect match for your organization.

This package doesn't include anything that requires coding or development (website requests, coded landing pages, CAD drawings etc.) or any multimedia elements. So no vidoes, gifs, and so on. This is purely graphic design like logos, images, print products, and so on. Sorry, we cannot design your latest and greatest car design.

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